Above is a Pitched - Gable Roof Canopy. A Sloped Roof Canopy is not pictured, but parts are in stock.

Above is a Flat Roof Canopy

Above is a canopy awning with a built in valance and a retractable shade net curtain. The frame is constructed with 1" galvanized steel canopy parts and conduit.

All canopy parts are in stock at our retail store location or you can purchase online by clicking HERE. 

If you are interested in building your own Canopy or Canopy awning, Tucson Bobcat sells the parts you need. For your shade shopping convenience, we've jam packed the store full of Canopy fittings, Shade Nets, Tarps and a variety of accessories. 

We carry premium 3/4", 1" and 1-1/2" galvanized steel canopy fittings (larger sizes 1-3/8", 1-5/8" & 1-7/8" are available online only) for flat, low peak and sloped roofs, along with many specialty fittings for frame building. We stock just about every canopy fitting made starting as low as $4 each.

Come into the store to discuss your design ideas. The owner of Tucson Bobcat is always willing to collaborate, and share his knowledge to assist you in getting the right parts for your custom canopy structure. 

Cover your Canopy with a Shade Net, a Heavy Duty Tarp or with a Premium Clear Heavy Duty Greenhouse Tarp. All of which come with grommets pre-installed and in a multitude of sizes.

To complete your canopy structure, we carry a variety of accessories including 6", 9", 11", and 13" Ball Bungees in colors black, white and tan, quick links, spring hooks, weighted anchors, stake anchors, stake rods, foot pads, and more.

With a well stocked inventory and competitive pricing, you are certain to be able to build any canopy configuration that you can dream up.

A Tucson Gardener's Testimonial

 "The clear tarps are perfect for a greenhouse. Most important is knowing the size of the clear tarps and shade net material before making the frame from the conduit. Using the bungee cords allow flexibility to exchange material and to take advantage of the weather. In the fall I am keeping the ends open for ventilation. As the weather turns colder, I will use the clear tarps for the ends, sides and top to enclose the greenhouse from cold night temperatures. In the summer time, I will move to shade net material for west facing protection. Glad I went this way instead of purchasing a high cost greenhouse kit."
Ed Harrow - President of heartbeatforafrica.org 

Greenhouse Tarps

  Most items listed below are in stock at our retail location.

Protect your garden from freezing winter temperatures by   converting your summer Shade Net Canopy structure into a Greenhouse by using Tucson Bobcat Premium Clear Greenhouse Tarps.
Premium Clear Greenhouse Tarps are available in all of the same sizes as our Premium Shade Nets, making just about any Shade Net Canopy/ Greenhouse configuration possible and easily interchangeable.

Similar to the Premium Shade Nets, the Premium Clear Greenhouse Tarps finished cut size is approximately 6" smaller (length and width) than the size stated below, allowing space for ball bungees to be used to attach to a Canopy or any other type of frame structure.

6 oz Per Square Yard ♦ 12 Mil Thick ♦ 1200 Denier ♦ UV Resistant,10 HUV ♦ Polyester Rope Reinforced Throughout ♦ Corner Guards ♦ Hemmed Edges ♦ Rust Proof Grommets Every 18 Inches ♦ 100% Waterproof ♦ Mildew Resistant ♦ Arctic Flexibility 

Sizes Available
               6'x8' $11.99                
      6'x10' $14.99     

                              8'x10' $18.99                             
           10'x10' $22.99         

           10'x12' $27.99         
               6'x20' $27.99              

              8'x16' $28.99             

           10'x16' $35.99         

            8'x20' $35.99           

          10'x20' $44.99        

          12'x20' $53.99        

        14'x20' $61.99      

     16'x20' $70.99  On Order   
   20'x20' $87.99
  *All prices "plus 8.7% sales tax.

Above is a diagram of miscellaneous canopy parts available in just about any canopy configuration that you can imagine. Most of these parts are available at Tucson Bobcat in both 3/4" and 1" sizes.

Heavy Duty Tarps

An assorted selection of Premium Heavy Duty Tarps are in stock at our retail store location or you can purchase from every size made in colors Silver, White, or Desert Tan by clicking
All Heavy Duty Tarp sizes have canopy configurations in mind, so you are certain to find what you need at Tucson Bobcat.

CAUTION: Windy conditions could damage canopy/ greenhouse and/or surrounding structures. Anchors, stakes, tie downs, chain, rope and/ or other forms of securing the structure in place should always be used.