Valve Adapters are available that fit on the lower valve so that you can connect a garden hose, 3/4" pvc fitting or plumbing of your choice to the Tank. You can size up or down the plumbing depending on your needs. You can even connect multiple Tanks together or stack two high for increased storage volume.

Above is a more advanced plumbing configuration using a 330 gallon IBC Tote as a rain water harvester. A clean out was installed which is used to separate the clean water from the dirt caused from the roof's "first rinse." Also, an overflow tube was installed, routing any excess water away from the house foundation. Lastly, an IBC Tote Adapter with a hose bib was installed on the lower valve making this unit very user friendly.

For your convenience, we will load your Tank(s) into your truck or trailer for an easy pick up experience. 

Food Grade Tanks are ideal for potable water, gardening, aquaponics, hydroponics, water harvesting, bio diesel, cattle, horses, camping, power spraying, water trailers, survivalists, preppers and more.

The dimensions for the 275 gallon tanks are: Length 47 inches, Width 40 inches, Height 46 inches. The 330 gallon are the same length and width but are 9 inches taller. Each have a opening on the top and a valve located on the bottom. The empty weight of each Tank is 85-95 pounds.

Pictured above are a few of the quick connect IBC Tote Adapters ranging in price from $20 - 40. Custom Adapters to fit any type of plumbing can be made by request.

The above image is basic configuration of a 275 gallon IBC Tote used as a rain water harvester. This system not only provides 275 gallons of rain water to the surrounding vegetation, but it also solved a flooding problem area in the customer's backyard.

IBC Totes/ Water Tanks

275 Gallon Food Grade IBC Tote (Includes Lower Valve and Top Cap) $150.00 On Order

330 Gallon Food Grade IBC Tote (Includes Lower Valve and Top Cap) $200.00 On Order

Tote Valve Adapters - Hose Bib or PVC Conversion. Great for scaling up or down size of plumbing, connecting multiple tanks, etc.

Food Grade: $20.00-$30.00

*All pricing "plus 8.7% sales tax."
Delivery is available. 

Food Grade recycled IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) Tanks / Totes hold 275 & 330 gallons and have been used once holding various food grade products. All Tanks has been washed thoroughly and rinsed by supplier. An additional rinse by consumer is recommended prior to use.