Shade Nets

Most of the Shade Nets listed to the right are stock items at our retail store location. You can also view every size and color available of Premium Shade Net Tarps online and purchase by clicking HERE.

Most of the Shade Nets listed below are stock items at our retail store location. You can also view every size and color available of Premium Shade Net Tarps online and purchase by clicking HERE.

All Purpose Black      Premium Black     Premium Desert Tan

6'x8' Not Avail           6'x8' $29.99             6'x8' $29.99

6'x10' $22.99            6'x10' $32.99           6'x10' $32.99

8'x10' On Order        8'x10' $39.99           8'x10' $39.99 

6'x14' Not Avail      6'x14' $42.99         6'x14' $42.99
8'x12' $36.99         8'x12' $45.99         8'x12' $45.99

10'x10' $37.99          10'x10' $47.99        10'x10' $47.99

9'x12' Not Avail        9'x12' $50.99       9'x12' $50.99

7'x16' Not Avail    7'x16' Order Online   7'x16' Order Online

10'x12' Not Avail        10'x12' $56.99        10'x12' $56.99
6'x20' $39.99              6'x20' $56.99         6'x20' $56.99    

8'x16' $42.99              8'x16' $59.99         8'x16' $59.99

7'x20' Not Avail      7'x20' Order Online     7'x20' $66.99

12'x12' Not Avail         12'x12' $67.99         12'x12' $67.99

10'x16' $49.99            10'x16' $71.99       10'x16' $71.99

8'x20' $55.99              8'x20' $74.99          8'x20' $74.99

12'x16' Not Avail         12'x16' $87.99        12'x16' $87.99

10'x20' $69.99           10'x20' $89.99         10'x20' $89.99

15'x15' Not Avail        15'x15' $99.99         15'x15' $99.99

12'x20' $79.99          12'x20' $109.99        12'x20' 109.99

10'X30' Not Avail   10'x30 Order Online   10'x30' $117.99

14'x20' $89.99          14'x20' $119.99        14'x20' $119.99

16'x20' $99.99         16'x20' $129.99        16'x20' $129.99

18'x20' Not Avail   18'x20' $139.99     18'x20' Order Online
20'x20' $99.99 Sale    20'x20' $154.99      20'x20' $154.99

*Larger sizes are available.

Premium Ocean Blue              Premium Kelly Green 

6'x10'    $32.99                            8'x10'    $39.99   

8'x10'    $39.99                           10'x10'   $47.99                

10'x10'  $47.99                       *Other sizes available

*Other sizes available                                                
Premium White                            Premium Brown

8'x10'   $39.99                                  8'x10'   $39.99

10'x10' $47.99                                  10'x10' $47.99

*Other sizes available              *Other sizes available

  Coolaroo 50% Shade

  $2.20 per linear ft. 6' Wide   
  Black (On Order)                         

  Forest Green
**All prices "plus 8.7% sales tax."

All Purpose Black and Standard Shade Nets are either cut to size or the finished size is slightly larger than what is stated on the package. They are perfect for general use when accurate measurements are not necessary. The shade rate and UV protection of the Standard Shade Nets is the same as the Premium.

All Premium Shade Nets have additional fabric sewn into the edges for added strength, upgraded grommets, and are slightly heavier in weight than the other model Shade Nets. Also, the finished cut size is approximately 6" smaller (length and width) than the size stated, allowing space for ball bungees to be used when building a canopy structure.

Above is a creative way to use Shade Nets on a west facing porch. Two All Purpose Black Shade Nets have been hung vertically not only to shade the sitting area from the afternoon sun and to provide a wind block, but also to provide additional privacy.

Tucson Bobcat Shade Nets provide a long lasting, inexpensive solution to many of your shading needs. Unlike Shade Sails that are secured by the corners only, each Shade Net comes with pre-installed rust resistant grommets approximately every 12-13". Each grommet is intended to be used to hang the Shade Net to a pre-existing frame. Ball bungees, airnix straps, rope or quick links may be attached to each grommet to secure the Shade Net to a metal canopy structure, fencing, or a wooden frame.

These Shade Nets have many uses, and are perfect for Tucson garden shade cloth applications, not only protecting your garden from burning in the summer, but also providing a wind brake. These Shade Nets will also provide sun protection for your livestock, dog runs, porch, play areas, boats, RV's and vehicles too.

Durable and UV treated, the knitted construction of the mesh fabric has a 70-80% sun rate. 50% sun rate is also available and is sold by the linear foot in colors Black and Green only. The Shade Net weave allows air and cool breezes to penetrate, taking away any need to take down the shade structure during the rainy months.