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Shade Sail Installation Services

Shade Sails are a popular solution for home owners seeking year round protection from Tucson's desert climate. Although a Shade Sail seems like a relatively simple structure, the installation is a small construction project. Special attention needs to be given to design, engineering, construction techniques, proper materials, HOA rules, city or county zoning, engineering and permit requirements.

Is a permit needed? If there are foundations (footings) or connections to a residential or commercial building; zoning, engineering and a permit will be required. As a licensed contractor, we are required to have these completed prior to any installation we perform. We offer these (fee based) services as part of a turn-key solution for your convenience.

Are estimates free? Yes and no. A free general cost estimate can be provided based on your desired Shade Sail inquiry. However, a design plan, a detailed materials cost description, and a permit inquisition requires a $300 fee.

What is the typical cost? Pricing for the installation of a Shade Sail is based on the complexity of the design, required permits costs, possible architectural requirements, engineering requirements, shapes, square footage, type, height, location, accessibility, viable anchor points, quantity, and steel pole types. Our most popular size installation is an 18' x 18' square with a price starting at $5500. Typical installations include a site plan drawing, a construction permit, steel posts secured in concrete footers, commercial grade Shade Sail(s) including related heavy duty stainless steel hardware.

To discuss your project in more detail, please call or email service@tucsonbobcat.com

Tucson Bobcat has been licensed with Arizona's Registrar of Contractors for over twelve years, RLI bonded, and insured.